“I have used massage therapy for the past 15 years. With an active job and a weekend warrior schedule, my body has increasingly needed more than just exercise and rest.

After using many different therapists and their various styles/techniques, I was extremely lucky to schedule Patricia for the first time. I have no doubt I found my ‘go to’ massage therapist.

During the very first visit, Patricia was able to provide a combination of stretching and massage that paid immediate benefits! Her ability to communicate clearly with me to identify my needs, sets her in a class by herself!

After just a few visits, my body feels much better and I’m now scheduling more because the improvement for me is obvious each day.

Whether you need your treatment in silence or prefer conversation, Patricia will easily transition to your preference. I have utilized massage for many years and am both fortunate and glad that I found my primary therapist for years to come.”

~Mark G.

“Patricia has the magic touch! She is the only therapist I choose to see. She is passionate about massage and cares about improving her client’s physical and mental state. I’ve enjoyed every massage she has given me. She just knows what she is doing and can work all pressure ranges and for me I enjoy medium to deep pressure and she never fails! I am always confident that I will walk away from my massage feeling way better than when I walked in. She truly has a gift and is in tune with the body.

My last massage was so good. I was experiencing muscle aches all over my body as I just had a baby 2 weeks prior and knew that Patricia could make me feel better. I had a full body 90 minute massage and she really worked out the knots in my back, shoulders and legs and it felt amazing (and at times hurt so good). I was shocked that it was over so quickly even though she gave me a few extra minutes!

When I got home I felt a huge difference in my body. I was able to move around the house and run my daily routines with little to no body aches… in fact I just felt rejuvenated! Patricia is such a professional and I am so glad I discovered such talent. I can’t wait for my next massage!”

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